6 Biggest Things to Happen to Mobility Before 2030 evbox

6 Biggest things to happen to mobility before 2030

Predicting the future is a risky practice. The tumultuous turn of events and the fast-paced evolution of technology can make it quite tough for anyone to predict how an industry or human behavior will change over time. Yet thanks to an abundance of technological innovations taking place in the mobility industry today, we can finally peek into the glass ball and see how exactly we'll be able to move around from place to place...Read more

4000 Charging Points Rotterdam engie evbox

Power to Rotterdam

Earlier this year, along with 16 other municipalities, the Municipality of Rotterdam put together a comprehensive tender for adding more charging stations to the streets: an extension of up to 4,000 new charging points for electric cars in its entire concession area, of which 1,800 in the City of Rotterdam. The contract for the deployment, management and operation of the stations was awarded to our partner ENGIE Services.

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Electric cars fall winter 2016 evbox

The New EVs of Fall /Winter 2016

The first half of 2016 saw 50% higher sales of full-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, than the same period in 2015. There's no stopping to this electric rEVolution! New models are entering the market in the next couple of months, and we can't wait to tell you all about it. So we compiled a list of the electric beauties that'll be showcased at various upcoming Auto Shows. A few of them may even hit the roads by the end of this year. Missing your favorite from this list? Tell us in the comments!

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Tesla Model 3 review electric cars

Tesla Model 3: pushing EV to the mainstream

The wait is over. (The wait in front of Tesla stores is far from over though). After months of anticipation and anxious speculations, we've finally come to the official revealing of Tesla Model 3 last night. Will Model 3 surpass its predecessors in sales and adoption?Read more

purpose-driven careers evbox team

Careers with a Purpose

The latest survey from YouthSpeak, which gathered over 42.000 responses from young professionals coming from over 100 countries, has indicated a shift in the main motives that move Millennials through life. Family, a purpose, and love are the things worth living for. Opposite to power, social status and recognition, which ended up in the bottom of the list.

In the same survey, Millennials were asked which Global Sustainable Development Goals they cared about most. Social issues such as “Quality Education”, “No Poverty”, “Zero Hunger”, “Good Health”, “Peace” were ranked top items to tackle.Read more