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CleanTechnica Reports: A Glimpse Into Future Mobility

The future. The woman looks back at her home and smiles as she takes in the early morning sun, remembering that the sun brings her all the power she needs for her home and her vehicle, thanks to the solar cells built into the tiles of the roof.

As the time for work nears, the garage door opens and her vehicle disconnects itself from its charger and glides out to the front of the home. Heading onto the highway, green hills ease the mind with the occasional wind turbine silently turning in the morning breeze. Below the turbine, the field is dotted with alternating pasture land and bands of solar panels glistening in the sun.

The days when humanity had to burn things to generate power are a distant memory. As the car glides up to the curb, the passengers exit and the car heads to the nearby charger to top up, always ready with a full charge for the next trip. Read more