Hockey Stick Growth EV Market

1% EV market share, are we halfway there?

Just before year’s end, the U.S. electric vehicle industry reached a new milestone: 1.1% of all new vehicles sold were electric in November 2016. We're closer to reaching the mass adoption of electric cars than you may think...Read more

evbox tim range anxiety cop22 electric driving

Range isn't the problem, we are.

In the recent National Geographic documentary Before the Flood, Leonardo DiCaprio stressed the human causes of climate change, and the role of government to set a framework to combat climate change. One of the best parts of the film, is where he shows how President Obama flipped his stance on gay marriage back in 2012. This again, proves how much politicians are dependent on the people that elect them. Sometimes politicians lead, but often, they simply follow public perception...

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DOE Loan EV Adoption US government

The DOE: Or How It Makes You Fall in Love with EV

The US election season is taking off. And we've probably witnessed President Obama’s final big push to promote electric vehicles. Back in 2008, Obama aimed for 1 million vehicles on the road by 2015, as well as a revolution of the local car manufacturing economy. The market didn't grow as much as was hoped for: today, there are about 475.000 EVs and 16.000 chargers on the US roads. Yet the US is making steep progress. Read more

6 Goals to Transform Future Mobility infographic illustration

6 Goals to Transform Future Mobility

"For sustainability to work, it first needs to be cool, then you need to make it cheap, and the last step is to make it mandatory." True story.

Sustainability is cool - Tesla anyone? In fact, over 75% of Millennials (ages 18-35) is now willing to spend more on sustainable products. Clean energy has also become the fastest growing job creator in the energy business, while fossil fuel jobs are steadily declining...Read more

distributech 2016 EV charging grid

Power to the People: EV Charging from the Grid

Distributech is the largest energy transmission and distribution conference in the US. Its massive conference floors showcase booths that can easily span 1.000 square feet. As I witnessed at this year's conference, things are changing fast in the power distribution arena. Rapid innovations around hardware and communications are transforming the structure of the electricity system, now reflected in buzzwords such as #DER #gridedge #microgrid #disruption. You name it and it's on display at Distributech. But what exactly changed in the ways we distribute and consume energy?

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