distributech 2016 EV charging grid

Power to the People: EV Charging from the Grid

Distributech is the largest energy transmission and distribution conference in the US. Its massive conference floors showcase booths that can easily span 1.000 square feet. As I witnessed at this year's conference, things are changing fast in the power distribution arena. Rapid innovations around hardware and communications are transforming the structure of the electricity system, now reflected in buzzwords such as #DER #gridedge #microgrid #disruption. You name it and it's on display at Distributech. But what exactly changed in the ways we distribute and consume energy?

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ces 2016 consumer tech innovation

CES and the EV industry

Year in, year out, tech and consumer companies gather early January in Las Vegas to showcase their latest tech gadgets and innovations at the Consumer Electric Show

The show is massive and products on display range from self-watering plant pots to an impressive amount of wearables and my personal favorite, the electric powered skateboard. CES has been the key place to launch product for a lot of companies: why is this event becoming more and more important for the EV industry?Read more