winny van der sleet evbox team

Meet an EV-Box'er: Winny

A daily dose of performance and passion is what drives every successful business. Yet without healthy and happy faces behind every endeavour, there's little point in carrying on any business. At EV-Box, our team's well-being is always on top of our mind. Leading these efforts, is our HR manager Winny. Here's her take on the beating heart of our company - our team. Meet Winny!
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electric driving ev charging illustration

5 Reasons to Drive Electric

From one-man keynotes to global mass adoption, electric cars have come a long way and have finally claimed the spotlights within an automotive industry that was about to get very dusty. With pretty much everything that's new to the market (and our vocabulary), the human fear for change always appears to be a tough cookie to crack. Well, fear no more. Electric driving has long entered mainstream. As crowded cities and its inhabitants seek for more sustainable ways to get around, new AND old car manufacturers have now massively picked up our call for clean mobility at last. Either you're looking for your very first car, or finding a replacement for your current one, here's why you should drive electric today.Read more

lester bonn evbox team

Meet an EV-Box'er: Lester

Customer is king. At EV-Box, we strive to provide the best services to those who have brought us success and inspiration, those who have brought us to where we stand today. Lester is the leading man of our Customer Success department. Driven and passionate, he knows a thing or two about music, dogs, and of course, how to take care of our clients. Meet Lester!

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Sleep 'n Charge: EV Charging for Hotels

The moment you realize you forgot to charge your phone last night. Been there, done that. In this day and age, charging while you sleep has become the norm. EV-Box believes that charging electric cars should be as simple as charging your phone – fast and easy, ready when and wherever you are. Hotels play an integral role in achieving this goal.

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