quiz find your perfect electric car

Quiz: Find Your Perfect Car

Let's face it - electric cars are the new cool. And we're not just talking about Tesla. Pretty much all car manufacturers have now given birth to their electric firstborn. Not to mention, that over 1.2 Million drivers across the world have already swapped their dusty dirt machines, for a clean electric car. So hesitate no more and take this quiz to find your electric match made in heaven.Read more

Craving for Electric Cars

Innovation is all over Amsterdam. During last week’s AVERE E-Mobility Conference and Innovation Expo, we’ve witnessed an open exchange of data and insights from tech leaders, educators and policy makers that will foster the development and growth of innovations, ranging from bio-based food, to electric mobility. Though sustainable tech and alternative fuels have been much buzzed-about for the last couple of years, this time it felt different. It seems like the world has now built up an appetite for electric mobility. Let’s take a look at what’s new.Read more

Tesla Model 3 review electric cars

Tesla Model 3: pushing EV to the mainstream

The wait is over. (The wait in front of Tesla stores is far from over though). After months of anticipation and anxious speculations, we've finally come to the official revealing of Tesla Model 3 last night. Will Model 3 surpass its predecessors in sales and adoption?Read more

EV Charging Restaurant Week

Eat 'n Charge: EV Charging for Restaurants

This week, we'll be enjoying our meal courses fixed by some of the country's greatest chefs for a fraction of the menu price. Over 750 restaurants will be participating in the Dutch National Restaurant Week between March 30th and April 10th. While topping off our tummies, wouldn't it be nice if we could top off our electric tank too?Read more

History of EV Infographic electric cars

The History of Electric Cars

Nothing new under the horizon, electric cars have been around for more than 100 years. They've soared around the turn of the 20th Century, faced extinction from the pre- to post-war era, saw new light since the 70s, and made their entrance to the mainstream in the 21st Century. Here's a brief look into the history of electric vehicles.Read more