Earth Day: The Start of My Climate Expedition to the North Pole

Sunday, April 22 is the 48th annual Earth Day!

A photo of the first ever Earth Day in 1970. Would you look at those clothes?

In the last year, the world has reached a global climate agreement, renewable energy like solar and wind is now cheaper than fossil fuel-based electricity in many parts of the world. Meanwhile, Hurricane Harvey and Irma made landfall last year, causing a staggering $306 billion worth of damage, and making 2017 the most expensive year on record for disasters.

So, while we are constantly making strides towards reducing climate change, we are not moving fast enough.
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future mobility cleantechnica evbox

CleanTechnica Reports: A Glimpse Into Future Mobility

The future. The woman looks back at her home and smiles as she takes in the early morning sun, remembering that the sun brings her all the power she needs for her home and her vehicle, thanks to the solar cells built into the tiles of the roof.

As the time for work nears, the garage door opens and her vehicle disconnects itself from its charger and glides out to the front of the home. Heading onto the highway, green hills ease the mind with the occasional wind turbine silently turning in the morning breeze. Below the turbine, the field is dotted with alternating pasture land and bands of solar panels glistening in the sun.

The days when humanity had to burn things to generate power are a distant memory. As the car glides up to the curb, the passengers exit and the car heads to the nearby charger to top up, always ready with a full charge for the next trip. Read more

EV Forecasts Energy Utility

5 EV Forecasts from the Energy Industry

What happens when you put hundreds of EV advocates in one place? The world’s biggest eMobility brainstorm. Over 500 participants tackled 4 pressing topics from the industry at rEVolution this year. The results were creative, yet concrete! Amongst them were many energy utilities from The Netherlands and neighbouring countries. So we asked them about their vision on eMobility, and their predictions for the foreseeable future.

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petrol car think twice

Think twice before you get that petrol car

The growth of the electric car industry today is much like how WiFi emerged a few decades ago. In the beginning, only a handful of leaders had the courage to offer the technology. But soon, other telecom companies had to keep up and provide WiFi too. More and more players joined the market until suddenly (or so it seemed) everyone was offering WiFi to act on the competition and accommodate the demand.

The eMobility industry is on a similar path and can learn from the moral of this story. Companies should have the guts to become leaders in electric mobility from the start, and take advantage of that wealthy, early adopter market. Sooner or later, everyone will have to make the transition to electric transportation anyway.

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5 Game-Changing eMobility Technologies Unveiled at CES 2018

For those who don’t know, CES is the largest consumer electronics expo in the world, and every year, all the coolest and most cutting-edge products are out on display. And this year was no exception.

On the show floor, you’ll find everything from innovations in wireless charging to robots with artificial intelligence. Here the public has a chance to scope out all the awesome new tech that will soon be changing the way we live.Read more