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Sleep 'n Charge: EV Charging for Hotels

The moment you realize you forgot to charge your phone last night. Been there, done that. In this day and age, charging while you sleep has become the norm. EV-Box believes that charging electric cars should be as simple as charging your phone – fast and easy, ready when and wherever you are. Hotels play an integral role in achieving this goal.

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Smart Charging in Practice: Hub / Satellite

In this series, we’ll take you through the Smart Charging services we offer here at EV-Box. With a simple sample scenario and infographic, you’ll get a grasp on how each Smart Charging service works in practice and how it may benefit your charging station(s). This week's special: Hub / Satellite.

Now read on and get EV-savvy.

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Senate of the Republic in Italy Goes Green

The President of the Senate of the Republic in Italy, Piero Grasso, presented the new electric car that will take the place of two of the most polluting and expensive blue car.Read more