Hey Mariska!

In this monthly series, we’re chatting up with the guys and gals of our talented team. Meet Mariska, our Lead Gen & Marketing Automation Specialist. Spoken like a true Millennial, Mariska talks about the implications of tech in our business and future lives.

 What surprised you the most in your first week at EV-Box?

While I was getting acquainted with everyone in the office, I asked them what their job entails. What really struck me was that each and everyone of them started smiling and started talking about how they don’t just sell charging stations, but that they help to make a world where transportation is sustainable to become reality. People here don’t mess around, they’re really passionate and stick by the mission.

What do you love about the job?

As as Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Specialist, my job is to test and implement marketing methods that help us to get new qualified leads in. I like to dig through all the clever tools that enable us to automate this process.

What’s your prediction for the future?

Maybe we don’t even travel at all, we just do everything through virtual reality.

Don’t you think that makes people “less connected”?

Well, perhaps the “connectedness” increases, because you can see everyone you want at the same time…

Other than VR, what are future citizens also going to need in their lives?

We as consumers, quite often expect companies to just think for us. So that our lives become “easier” by the day.  I think self-driving cars are the perfect response to this trend. Without having to even glance on what’s happening on the road, all we need to bother about is really just which word to use in our tweet, which photo to post on our Insta, and which coffee to get at our next stop.

And what about you, what do you need in life?

Cheese. I love cheese.

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