Hey Nick!

In this monthly series, we’re chatting up with the guys and gals of our talented team. Here’s the top player in Business Development at our NY office, Nick, who has a thing for sports and steaks…

How do you get a break from the hustle ‘n bustle of New York?

There are still places to escape. There are plenty of parks, or for example, Westchester county’s beautiful. And that’s just a 30 minute train ride. Everything is very accessible. Personally, it’s the city that I was born
and raised in, so I’d like to see EV-Box take off, starting in that city.

How do you tackle a job like Business Development?

I’ve taken a lot of pride into playing multiple sports when I was in school and in college. I think the relation from sports really prepares you to be a versatile person within developing companies. For example EV-Box North America is an extension of EV-Box. Being a smaller extension, we have to be prepared for various roles. Business Development is a loaded word. Meaning I’ll have to understand and take into account sales, marketing, and operations.

So, you a sports guy, ey. What’s your energizer?

I do like steak a lot, after I exercise I think it’s always good to replenish your body with some protein. I know steak isn’t the most carbon-friendly diet choice…

The bottom line of electric cars is…

Look, most people in US or in Europe are gonna be driving under 45 km a day. So this means that the electric vehicles that are available right now, are capable of taking you to your destination. More specifically, in the United States, people own usually about two vehicles. You can make one of those a commuter-vehicle, and let that be electric, which would seriously reduce your carbon footprint.

What future tech gets you all pumped up?

Physically talking to a three-dimensional person who could be standing somewhere else. So I guess an extension of VR and what’s to come with that, is very intriguing to me. Although my knowledge is very limited in that area, so I’ll stick to electric vehicles for now.

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