Hey Carlos!

In this monthly series, we’re chatting up with the guys and gals of our talented team. Here’s our Carlos, Senior Front-End Developer with a thing for web and forests…

Take your pick: Native or Web Apps?

Mobile apps are not the future. I think we will move to a future with only web apps. The web is very powerful nowadays. It makes no sense for someone having to log into an app for a very simple act. In our case, activating a charging station for instance. We don’t need a native app for this; we should be able to do this from a web-based app.

State your mission, Agent C.

I think this industry has more to offer to the world. It’s an industry that needs help. So here I am, with my special power in web development.

What’s the best thing about electric cars?

Once we have almost every car in the world running on electricity, I think we will see a much better environment for everyone. Everyone breathing proper air.

What’s your next destination?

My favorite destination is always Tokyo so…

What will you be doing there?

I’ll be in the forest, riding my bike.

We’re hiring!

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