ūüéÉūüĎĽ Meet an EV-Box’er: Wijnand

In this monthly series, we‚Äôre chatting up with the guys and gals of our talented team. In this Halloween Special, our Senior Product and Project Manager Wijnand, braves the hot seat. While we asked for his view on¬†our products¬†and tomorrow’s transportation,¬†our talk takes an unexpected turn…

You’ve been in the sustainability business for 15 years, what surprised you about EV-Box?

What surprised me the most is that we’re driven by a¬†very young team. Although we’ve only been around for five years, we’ve already accomplished great results with every one of those enthusiastic¬†young people. Their positive energy also¬†empowers me in my daily job.

What’s your job as a Senior Product & Project Manager?

I specifically look at consumer and customer needs and analyze how these translate to our product portfolio. Based on my finding, I tweak our product specifications and features, to the best value proposition.

So you must be our go-to guy for this question;¬†what’s our product’s best feature?

I think one of the most important features of our products is that they’re all very durable, very robust. They’re customizable to every¬†charging need. This really sets us apart from our competitors. Since we’re such broad-ranged suppliers, we can cater to any kind of markets, and any part of the market.

What’s transportation going to be like in 15 years?

For a large part, it will be¬†electric. Perhaps not even owned, but predominantly shared. I’m also expecting some autonomous driving. All of this will actually solve a lot of practical problems – traffic jams for one. And it will of course reduce¬†CO2 emissions. At the end of the day, we really ARE creating a more sustainable future for the next generations. I think we will get there, and that¬†we can help with the steps that need to be taken here, too.

We definitely will. Before we go, can you let us in on a little secret?

I’m quite a big fan of Lego Star Wars. And I have some¬†Star Wars Ships at home. Been dreaming about electrifying the Millennium Falcon the other day…

Whoa, an electric Millennium Falcon!? Only a Jedi would think of that!

[Apparently Darth Vader wasn’t too stoked about this idea, as he broke into¬†our office and took Wijnand with him…] Welp, Happy Halloween!¬†ūüéÉ

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