Smart Charging in Practice: Hub / Satellite

In this series, we’ll take you through the Smart Charging services we offer here at EV-Box. With a simple sample scenario and infographic, you’ll get a grasp on how each Smart Charging service works in practice and how it may benefit your charging station(s). This week’s special: Hub / Satellite.

Now read on and get EV-savvy.

Smart Charging is an umbrella term that defines all intelligent functionalities in EV-Box’s charging stations that optimize the charging infrastructure by creating and distributing the available power in an efficient and flexible manner. With Smart Charging, not only would you avoid unnecessary costs such as overcapacity fees, but you’ll also get the most out of your charging stations in case of limited power capacity, any time, any place.

Hub / Satellite is an indispensable Smart Charging feature for those who wish to operate multiple charging stations at a single location.

To save you time and effort, EV-Box not only takes care of automatic settlements of charging transactions, it also conveniently gathers the data coming from all of your charging stations within a single cloud-based management platform: BackOffice.

To function properly, BackOffice needs each charging station to communicate data to its system. This is where a Hub / Satellite configuration comes in handy. Instead of having each charging station communicating  data individually – which would require each station to have its own built-in modem, Hub / Satellite enables up to 20 charging stations to communicate through a single modem.

This configuration saves you from unnecessary maintenance and multiple subscription plan costs. After all, there’s only a single modem to be fixed in any rare cases of malfunction, and there’s only one BackOffice subscription plan necessary to generate and manage data.

Managing multiple stations? Hub / Satellite hooks you up.

Sample scenario:

You have installed 3 BusinessLine Charging Stations with dual sockets at your parking facility. One of these three charging stations is the Hub station, to which all other stations (Satellites) are connected through a cable that runs underground. This cable enables each Satellite station to send its data to the Hub Station. The Hub station gathers all data and sends it to BackOffice. The BackOffice processes the data and creates essential insights into your charging sessions at all three stations.

Hub / Satellite infographic smart charging