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The DOE: Or How It Makes You Fall in Love with EV

The US election season is taking off. And we’ve probably witnessed President Obama’s final big push to promote electric vehicles. Back in 2008, Obama aimed for 1 million vehicles on the road by 2015, as well as a revolution of the local car manufacturing economy. The market didn’t grow as much as was hoped for: today, there are about 475.000 EVs and 16.000 chargers on the US roads. Yet the US is making steep progress.  Continue reading “The DOE: Or How It Makes You Fall in Love with EV” »

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Quiz: Find Your Perfect Car

Let’s face it – electric cars are the new cool. And we’re not just talking about Tesla. Pretty much all car manufacturers have now given birth to their electric firstborn. Not to mention, that over 1.2 Million drivers across the world have already swapped their dusty dirt machines, for a clean electric car. So hesitate no more and take this quiz to find your electric match made in heaven. Continue reading “Quiz: Find Your Perfect Car” »

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